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Here is FAQ about everything you need to know about publishing at

Q. What kind of publishing opportunities are available?

A. We allow sponsored posts, footer text links (inserted under Useful Resources section on the site), product reviews and text-links to existing posts.

Q. What are the charges for sponsored posts?

A. If the post is pre-written and provided by the client, the cost is around $60-$90 per post (with two dofollow backlinks to client's pages). If the post is written by us, the cost increases to $80-$120 per post (with two dofollow backlinks to client's pages).

Q. What are the charges for footer text-links?

A. Footer text links are charged at $499 per link per year. The footer text links pass juice from all major pages of the site. Bulk offers are available for footer-text links.

Q. What are the charges for product reviews?

A. Product reviews cost $100 per post and a copy of the product is to be provided by the client for thorough testing.

Q. What are the charges for text-links to existing posts?

A. Mostly it depends upon the article's reputation but the charges may range between $45-$90 per link.

Q. Are the links permanent?

A. Links in posts are valid for at least one year and at most three years from the date of publication -- depending upon the impact of link over site's SEO. Such can be renewed for another year upon recurring payment which is 50% of the earlier cost.

Q. Do you label sponsored posts as 'sponsored', 'ads' etc.?

A. No.

Q. On which topics do you accept posts?

A. We are looking for contribution in following categories:

  • Education: Learning Tips & Tricks, Freebies like free e-books, software and tools that may help the student with their cause, Study Notes, Career Advice.
  • Tech: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac & Open Source – news, views and tools.
  • Blogging: Basic Blogging tips, How-tos, Editorials, What is xyz?, Top 10’s related to blogging, Increasing Blog Traffic, Other SEO practices, Earning money with blogs.
  • WordPress: Themes, Plugins and Hacks.
  • Internet Marketing: Adsense, Adwords, SEO, Backlinkings, Making Money online.
  • Design: Web Hosting, Web Development, Web tools, Graphic Design, Web design etc.
  • Business: Small Business, Finance, Startup etc.

Q. Are there any specific rules that need to be followed?

A. Make sure that

  • Content is written in English (US).
  • Content is not misleading for the readers and contains enough useful information.
  • The sponsored links are genuine and do not lead to a site that many get our Adsense cancel.
  • Content must be informational, written in active voice and unique. If even 5% of content is found to be plagiarized – the content will not be published and the writer will be blocked to submit any further articles.
  • Content should be properly formatted and must contain proper amount of graphics. Content with better placement of such graphics, in which the editors don’t need to do a lot, are approved more rapidly.
  • There must be an attached author bio with a real name. Content from authors with fake identities are admissible. Having a gravatar account with associated email is highly recommended. Don’t have a gravatar account? Get here, it’s free.

Q. Any word limits that I need to follow?

A. Yes.

  • Minimum content length: 450 words (excluding image captions and references).
  • Maximum content length: 5500 words.
  • Minimum Images used: 1 featured image + 1 inline image.
  • Maximum Images used: 1 featured image + 10 inline images.
  • Maximum links used: 5 internal + 2 client's links + 2 added links.
  • Maximum links in author bio: 1 (if any)

Q. Any content formatting rules that I need to follow?

A. Make sure that:

  • Article title is in h1 or Heading 1.
  • Primary headings inside content must be Heading 2 wrapped within h2 tag.
  • Secondary and further headings are followed by h3, h4, h5 etc.
  • No bullet/number listing is allowed with headings.

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